Why Your Business Needs to be on Mobile NOW

We have written before about the importance of mobile marketing for business. This is, after all, the Mobile Age, where more and more people spend their time surfing, reading, watching videos, networking and yes, shopping on their mobile devices. If you can catch your potential customers’ interest with an attractive, useful and responsive mobile website, coupled with offers such as coupons, special discounts and previews, you will soon find your investment in mobile paying off.  Clearly, your business not only needs a mobile-optimized website, but also a carefully-planned and suitably tailored mobile marketing strategy.
In fact, here are 6 facts that should convince you to turn to mobile, sooner rather than later.

  • 75% customers prefer a ‘mobile-friendly’ site (SnapHop)
  • Mobile internet usage is predicted to overtake desktop internet usage by 2014 (Microsoft)
  • 61% of customers who visit a ‘mobile-unfriendly’ site are likely to go to a competitor’s website (SnapHop)
  • 46% of mobile users say they are unlikely to return to a website that takes too long to load on their mobile phones (Gomez)
  • Nearly half of all local searches are done on mobile (Microsoft)
  • 79% of smartphone users use their phones to help with shopping, and 74% end up making a purchase (SnapHop)

So don’t delay any longer. If most or all of your customers are on mobile, that is exactly where your business needs to be too. It doesn’t matter if its a big business or small, investment in mobile will pay off soon.

Source: BostInno



Mobile Marketing for Business

Mobile Marketing for Business

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