3 Marketing Lessons We Can Learn from Non-Marketing QR Codes

We’ve talked before about how QR codes for marketing are not used in the best possible way. However, we have seen a number of examples where some QR codes that were used for non-marketing purposes, were applied very creatively. Here are three lessons we learnt from these examples, which we’re sure you can apply to your business’s marketing strategy.

  • Share vital information: Spartanburg in South Carolina has decided to add QR codes to all of the city’s vehicles in order to provide citizens with vital information about the various services that the city provides. This includes information from the fire department, animal services and police departments. There’s no reason why brands can’t apply the same to their products. If you’re selling food products, you could have QR codes on the packaging that gives information about possible allergy triggers, best storage conditions, and how it should not be used.
  • Make recommendations: This article talks about how QR codes are being used in education, especially when it helps students find additional information more easily.We think its a great idea to use QR codes in this way, to recommend resources or even other products to your customers. For instance, the QR codes on the hang tags of your wine bottles could take customers to pages where you recommend various food pairings. If you’re a fashion accessory brand, you could use QR codes to inform your customers how they can use these accessories to liven up various kinds of outfits.
  • Help Customers Find you: Seoul’s posh Gangnam neighbourhood is using QR codes on its pavements to direct customers towards major attractions in that area. Portugal and Brazil have launched similar initiatives. You can do the same with your QR codes. Place it on posters and billboards not just to tell your customers about your brand and its products, but also to help them find you. Provide directions to your retail outlets and information about what product can be found in which store.

 Non-Marketing QR codes