Top 3 Reasons to get a Mobile Loyalty Program for your Business

Does your business have a Mobile Loyalty program? If not, here are 3 major reasons for getting one now

One of the greatest challenges for any mobile marketer is catching the attention of customers and keeping it.Considering the variety of products and services available, there’s no doubt that this is a difficult task.  This is not to say, however, that it can’t be done. By paying close attention to what customers want and by providing it to them, brands can not only find new customers, they can also retain their loyalty.  It is in this respect that having a mobile loyalty program helps.

Why Mobile Loyalty:

1) It’s convenient: How many times have you walked into a store to redeem the points on your loyalty card, only to find that you have left it at home? If you’ve had such an experience, you can be sure that others have too. Now imagine how convenient it would be if you could send your customers their loyalty rewards on their mobile devices? Most people never leave their homes without their mobile phones, so the chances of them using those rewards is definitely higher. It’s clear then that a mobile loyalty program is convenient for customers: they don’t have to worry about loyalty cards being forgotten at home or adding unnecessary bulk to their wallets.

2) Improved interaction: A mobile loyalty program, unlike the traditional one, literally puts your brand in the customers’ hands and gives you a more direct connection with them. It’s a well-known fact that most mobile users seldom leave their houses without their phones. This is perfect for retailers and brands who want to remind customers about their loyalty rewards and points while they are on the move. The precision of mobile loyalty programs can be improved using geo-location technology. For example, if a customer passes by your store or happen to be in your store, you can send them a reminder about the mobile loyalty program they are enrolled in, so that they can take a timely action.

3) Gather insights:  Mobile loyalty programs can be highly beneficial to brands and retailers in other ways too. One of these is that such programs can be used to collect information on customer behavior, transactions, and locations. This information can then be used to target customers more specifically, based on their purchase patterns, preferences and locations, and deepen customer engagement.