4 creative ways retailers have used iBeacon technology:

There are only a handful of technologies that have so quickly captured the imaginations of marketers as iBeacon has done in just a few months.  iBeacon which started off as just another bullet in Apple’s WWDC keynote  went  ahead to gather wide industry support as an available technology in iOS 7. It has brought about a shift in the marketing paradigm with a number of grocery shops and retail outlet implementing iBeacon technology to create an outstanding shopping experience for their customers. Apart from the merchandizing segment, iBeacon went ahead to create a mark in the entertainment segment with Major League baseball expanding its initial experiment  to install 100 iBeacons each in 20 ballparks by the start of 2014. For consumers iBeacon is creating a unique shopping experience, now consumers have access to whatever they want , wherever they want – all automatically served up to them.
Here are a couple of example showing how marketers are thinking out of the box and creating in store experience for their consumers implementing iBeacon.

1)  Philips shooting deals to your Smartphone: 

Philips a very prominent name in the light bulb industry decided to do something smart to engage their already existing customer base. At one of its retail outlets in Dusseldorf, Philips is maneuvering a lighting unit that has built in beacons. These beacons will relay location and product information to the Smartphone of the customers. This is quite engaging for the consumers as they can get an idea about the deals and product description as they walk by the products. On opening a companion app, shoppers can see a map of the store they’re in and also view their exact location inside the store. The shopper can search for the product they are looking for and the beacon tracks their movement and guides them to the product.

2)  In market’s Beacon platform at grocery stores:

Mobile shopping start up In Market made quite a revelation earlier this week, they went ahead and implemented iBeacon platform in more than 150grocery shops in the United States. This makes the 20 million customers who uses the in market’s app in their devices eligible to have instant access to all the deals, discounts, remainders and earn reward points  on their smart device while they shop at the prominent supermarkets. Shopping experience has been totally redefined by this methodology adopted by In Market.

3)  Fashion retailers propose iBeacon this valentine:

In an attempt to draw new customer to their shop, Fashion retailer Alex & Anni LLC has adopted Apple’s iBeacon technology to relay offers and  product information to all Smartphone carrying individuals. This business has installed sensors outfitted with beacons in more than 40 odd outlets across the country. Alex & Anni who had generated a staggering $230 million last year is hopeful of expanding their sales and fetching in new customers who are not aware of their brand.

4)  Dodger stadium and Petco part completes their ibeacon installation:

Dodger and Petco are planning to thrill their audience this season with something more than baseball. MLBAM quoted in a statement that installation of iBeacon in the stadiums is the latest evolution in redefining the stadium feel  for the  audience by giving them customized experience in their iOS devices.

Whenever an individual enters the stadium discount coupon on food and extra tickets gets relayed on their devices, this saves the effort spent on selecting eatables before the match.



 [Image courtesy: The Verge]