5 Tips to Getting Mobile Customer Loyalty Programs Right

When it comes to retail and retention of customers, structuring and running loyalty programs has a significant impact. Not too long ago, a typical customer loyalty program scenario would see a customer fumbling through their wallet looking for the right plastic card to use at the point of sale. Today, however, “Mobile Customer Loyalty Programs” have started to replace more traditional delivery methods and the mobile device is the virtual wallet for customers to access their loyalty privileges.
Structuring a mobile customer loyalty program and getting it right has its own set of challenges and deciding how it should be put together, selecting the right delivery platform and getting the technology end right is important to ensure customers are engaged.

Here are 5 tips for getting Mobile Customer Loyalty Program right.

Setting up a goal for customer’s points and redeems– The primary step is to know what type of offers or incentives that you would want to offer your customer. It can be any discount on a club membership card or coupon per purchase. Or, you can offer a point exchange program that attracts consumers to cash in to win rewards.  There’s the option to provide perks like shipping along with some free gifts and goodies. At the same time, do not limit your rewards to just discount offers. You need to build a lasting impression or in short take loyalty to the next step. Be clear about your strategy and the levels of loyalty and what they entail. Reward card options to build points are a good way to lure the customers. You have a solid ground when consumers come back for something they got attracted to and not because they need it.

Building consumer experience with communication plus order percentage– Communication with the customer is a significant part of loyalty programs and while newsletters, letters, emails, and SMS have been the norm, they are quickly being challenged by more native mobile forms of communication. In-App messaging, in-app notifications, push notifications, mobile news and update feed, offers and coupon sections, location-based messaging and more are now effective ways of communicating regularly with and nurturing each customer.  The choice of communication methods has to be non-intrusive while at the same time, allow for frequent communication and touches with the customer. Keep this in mind while selecting platforms and software for your mobile customer loyalty program.

Building an engaging platform via social media site or app– Mobile customer loyalty program are expanding to a wider array of brands and businesses. Smartphones have made them more accessible but at the same time, with so many programs, being on the customer’s mind and standing out to capture their attention is key. Integrating social media elements into the mobile customer loyalty program is a great way to drive engagement as well as create more visibility. Offering better benefits and rewards to those who talk about the brand, tweet about it, share on social networks and reward advocacy from loyal customers. Features that enable customers to share a message with ease, check-in or broadcast their location as they walk into establishment help engagement.

Introduce new changes like customer loyalty data– The smartest way to shape your business is keeping track of your consumer’s essential purchasing. Make use of mobile technology that allows users to offer vital information to discover trends that most card-based programs can’t reveal. Since the mobile device travels everywhere with customers, it’s a great way of logging purchases, creating data on a trail of recent purchases or visits and leveraging that data. You can target customers keeping in mind their purchasing history. Rather than direct marketing, you can utilize the power of targeting marketing personalizing offers as well as communication with the customer.

Study the results– The last point is monitoring long-term customer lifetime value. Loyal customers endorse your business better saving you marketing costs; they buy and are willing to pay as much while also advocating your brand or establishment. Monitoring your business expansion and your consumer loyalty data will help to understand your position with customers better. Loyalty programs have to be as dynamic and flexible as they are structured to ensure you select a mobile loyalty technology or platform that allows you to keep it updates and leaves room to improve features as you go.

Making the right choices at the onset will help you deliver a mobile loyalty program that customers love.