About the company


QLIKTAG SOFTWARE INC. is headquartered in Newport Beach, California where it's primary offices are located and also has offices in Pune, India operating as a software development and R&D centre.

As an innovator of software solutions, QLIKTAG's executive team brings in decades of leadership, technology expertise, enterprise experience and attentive customer-centric approach to all aspects of the business.

Constant innovation, change and staying ahead of the curve are fundamental drivers at QLIKTAG.

The Journey

QLIKTAG SOFTWARE INC. was founded in 2012 with a singular mission to bridge the gap between brands and buyers – fostering, trust, stronger relationships and more personalized connections between the two.

The solution? A “QLIKTAG" or a unique digital id on the internet tagged to every product or thing that could be activated via an internet connected device or mobile.

The same year, the company released a digital interaction engine to deploy unique product specific experiences with urls that could be activated using QR codes, NFC and other triggers on the product or thing.

Towards mid 2014, the company launched an enterprise class, product data cloud platform to aggregate, manage and syndicate product content over the internet integrated with the digital interaction engine for “things" or products. The platform enabled brands and manufacturers to not just manage their product data but also launch digital interactions for them paving the way to launch a complete IoT cloud based platform for putting products or “things" on the internet with unique “QLIKTAGs". These QLIKTAG-enabled smart product & solutions help brands, manufacturers and retailers meet the challenges of the digital, data-driven, internet connected landscape today's businesses compete in.

Management Team

Dilip Daswani

Neil Sequeira
Director, Product Management & Marketing

Ramprasad Palugula
Chief Architect