After smartphones, now ‘smartwatches’?

In a recent interview to Bloomberg, Lee Young Hee, executive vice president of Samsung’s mobile business, revealed that the company has been working on a ‘smartwatch’ for a long time. The Android-powered device might just be Samsung’s trump card in a market that experts are already declaring to be ‘saturated with smartphones’. Of course, if Apple does produce its rumored ‘iWatch’ in around the same time as Samsung’s product, then the mobile market could soon be seeing another competition for the top spot.
Lee didn’t have information to share about the possible features the company’s new device will have, as well as its price and launch date. But according to the industry grapevine, Apple’s ‘iWatch’ will let users make calls, check map co-ordinates, measure their heart rate and count steps by using an in-built pedometer.

While it’s exciting to speculate about whether or not ‘smartwatches’ are on the cards for Apple, what we’re really interested to know is how Samsung’s new device will change the game for mobile. At the moment, we confess that it’s difficult to imagine how smartwatches can be successfully integrated into daily life and replace smartphones. It’s probably a great idea to have a device that monitors heart rate, blood pressure etc., much like Nike’s Fuelband watches, but the question still remains – could a smartwatch smoothly replace a smartphone and take over all its functions successfully, including calling, sending and receiving messages, gaming, reading and surfing the web and making payments or completing transactions. We’ll wait and watch.

(Image by simonok. Used for representational purposes only)