Asset Tracking Software – Product Tracking Solutions With Barcode RFID NFC QR Datamatrix

Asset Identification & Tracking Systems

Build custom applications & solutions to identify & track assets with the Qliktag Platform.

Configure Asset Tracking or Product Tracking Solutions

The Qliktag Platform offers all the tools, technology resources & highly scalable cloud infrastructure you could possibly need to model your business requirements and configure a custom asset tracking / product tracking solution or application.

Whether the use case involves tracking items, consumer products or assets tagged with barcodes, GS1 barcodes, RFID labels, NFC tags, QR Codes,  Datamatrix or serialized identifiers, the Qliktag Platform allows you to model these entities, select your identifier types, data model and connect these assets over the internet with any device of your choice. 

The extensive libraries of APIs will let various devices from barcode scanners, RFID readers, long range gates, beacons, NFC enabled devices to any smartphone with a simple camera connect via the platform to identify the item / asset and then update data about it by reading from or writing to it’s digital twin maintained on the platform. 

In short, if you’re looking to configure or build ANY application or solution which involves ANY kind of tagged item / asset, involves identification & updation of data using ANY kind of hardware device to interact with the item / asset then, the Qliktag Platform is ideal for enabling & scaling that solution. 





Why Use the Qliktag Platform?

  • The ‘Entity Configurator’ and “Data Model Designer” enables you to model your exact requirements for the type of assets / items you want to manage, the identifiers & type of tags you wish to use, associations or relationships between entities, custom data models with versioning so your system can evolve.
  • In-built scalable architecture which leverages elastic search to quickly search, identify and manage large volumes of things / assets / items even down to a serialized level. 
  • Very extensive library of of APIs which allow you to connect your own devices, applications, hardware or other enterprise systems and software to interface and exchange data through the platform in a secure way.
  • Capability to build custom APIs and custom flows using Node Red, build logical flows once the assets / items are scanned.
  • Custom Users / Accounts / Roles & Permissions settings to configure access based on your business requirements. 
  • Build visual interactions quickly using a drag & drop designer to make the asset / item data easily accessible in a visually appealing format.

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