AT&T partners with Scanbuy to power Mobile Barcode Services

In a bid to captalize on QR code marketing, AT&T  partners with ScanBuy to offer mobile barcode marketing services to businesses. The AT&T Mobile Barcode Services will allow business to launch marketing and brand awareness campaigns using designer QR codes. The codes will be linked to video or generate emails to spread brand awareness among customers, who will also be able to access information about products, promotions and coupons.
In addition, the service will also provide “near real-time analytics” which will help brands measure the impact of their campaign. By using these services, brands will gain access to data such as age, gender, scan location and operating system of the consumer and they will be able to use this data to deliver customized marketing information.

Any codes generated by the AT&T Mobile Barcode Services will be compatible with almost all mobile QR code applications besides, of course, the AT&T Code Scanner and ScanBuy’s ScanLife application.

This partnership between AT&T and ScanBuy is sure to come as great news to all champions of QR code marketing. Clearly, the end is not yet in sight for these ubiquitous, black and white, square codes, and they have a lot more to offer to the future of marketing.



 AT&T partners with ScanBuy