Here’s How You Create a Brilliant QR Code Campaign

If all retailers could use QR codes as imaginatively as the German sports brand retailer, Sport Klahsen, then we would see fewer complaints about how QR codes are pointless and add unnecessary clutter. Sport Klahsen recently raised a park bench 10 feet above ground in the vicinity of its outlets and suspended a QR code from it. The QR code would take people to a mobile site where they would receive a 10 per cent discount coupon.
Sport Klahsen’s strategy was based on the fact that the unusually high park bench would grab eyeballs and would prompt enough people to scan the QR code and find out what the raised park bench is supposed to achieve. The shops reported a surge in traffic, while the QR code itself was scanned 3,720 times and about 30 percent of these scans led to sales.

We’ve written before about how one needs a clear call-to-action for QR codes if they are to be a success. Nobody wants to scan a QR code only to find out that it was malicious or useless. In this particular case, Sport Klahsen had posted clear instructions alongside the QR code to make its intention clear.With the additional attraction of the strange-looking park bench, it’s no wonder that their campaign was a success.



Brilliant QR code campaign