Can iBeacon revolutionize retail and shopping?

The utility or the impact of iBeacons in retail may not seem to be too obvious.  The placement of iBeacons in retail stores to send push notifications is seen as a very consumer oriented phenomenon and lot of retailers are skeptical about instant adoption of iBeacons in their stores, shunning it as a thing of the future.
iBeacons act as a game changers for retailers as well as shoppers by utilizing their ability to associate a user’s position with tasks that need to be accomplished. It is a well known fact that the final shopping decision is taken by customers the instant that they are near the product. This is the key fact that iBeacons leverage to send meaningful information and offers to potential customers.

This can be explained with a regular working day example. In the warehouse distribution center of a huge e-commerce company where loading and unloading is a regular dynamic activity. Alerting the driver that he is next to a pallet to be loaded saves extra time and trips. Similarly in the case of an IT service company, if the IT help desk employee is alerted of the immediate availability of expertise or right resources, then it gives the employee and the organization a huge winning advantage by saving up the time spent on hunting through database to find the availability of resources in the work location.


How can iBeacons revolutionize conventional shopping experience?

At times experts quote push notifications as spam and repelling. But messages seem spammy when random and irrelevant messages make way into our smartphones. Location based marketing with push in notifications (iBeacon enabled) however makes sure that the messages reach a very specific target audience group who are looking out for similar messages while shopping. This can be explained with a very small example.

If a customer, is standing or strolling in the section of a supermarket selling all varieties of micro ovens , then it is beyond doubt that the customer has buying a micro oven in his agenda either instantly or sometime later. This is where push in notifications is useful. Retailers sending messages throwing discounts on instant purchase can insight some immediate positive responses from the customer. Again firing messages, describing the products or some cool recipes that can be made using microwave can be enticing enough for a reluctant customer to convert and make an instant purchase.

In a recent privacy survey 10,000 US adults, revealed that 77% of them were okay with sharing their location details in return of some useful information or offers. In the recent past there has been a lot of digital noise all around us. We are constantly bombarded with offers and product launch news, but what is missing is precision in targeting audience. The tools used are still bland. This is where beacons comes into play , creating intelligent differentiation based on combination of things like location, time, micro location and shopping habits. It is like sensing and customizing the digital DNA of shoppers. iBeacons with their location targeted messaging can create outstanding mobile shopping experience for customers and enable retailer to create outstanding campaigns to create brand loyalty and collective intensive information about the shopping habits of their customers.