Labeling Solutions For New Bioengineered Food And Ingredients Regulations

Here is an infographic showing “Implementation and National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard Timeline and Items Checklist” With concerns rising amongst citizens, the USDA issued the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard (NBFDS) last month intended for manufacturers, importers, retailers and other … Read More

QLIKTAG IoT Platform - SmartLabel Solution

Building Trust in the Digital Marketplace with SmartLabel™

A number of brands we’ve talked to about deploying and managing SmartLabel™ for their brands and products ask about the benefits of SmartLabel™ and what it offers over and above printing information directly on the packaging label. There are several … Read More

Doing SmartLabel Right with Separation of Data Attributes & Front End Design

SmartLabel™ is one of the pioneering movements under the consumer transparency umbrella of initiatives. The GMA and FDA led SmartLabel allows brands and consumers alike to enrich their product experience by electronically delivering deeper product information through QR codes placed … Read More

Going Beyond the Expected with SmartLabel

The SmartLabel™ solution gathered substantial momentum over the last year and key CPG brands have joined the consumer transparency initiative. The GMA SmartLabel initiative came at the right time. Consumer transparency expectations are at an all-time high in both consumers … Read More

FCPC Canada SmartLabel Platform - QLIKTAG

Why The GMA Smart Label Initiative Comes at Right Time for Consumers & Brands

As we’re internally preparing to launch our own GMA SmartLabel solution within our Q*Engine platform for brands and manufacturers, the news stories coming out of different regions of the world and discussions around consumer transparency all seem to indicate 2016 … Read More

Consumer Transparency & The Smart Label Initiative

TRUST – is huge when it comes to brand-consumer relationships and while it’s always been an important consideration, never before has it been this critical for product manufacturers to have the consumers trust. Research points out authenticity and having information … Read More