Coca Cola explores iBeacon for FIFA World Cup sponsorship

Coca-Cola, the key sponsor of FIFA World Cup 2014 is testing the viability of Apple’s iBeacon as a major part of its marketing campaign for the tournament. Coca-Cola has a history of developing mobile initiatives in the past. This is for the first time the FMCG giant has gone ahead with experimenting with mobile tools to help integrate all marketing activities around the World Cup event. Coca-Cola enterprise’s digital director Simon Miles quoted this as a step leaning heavily towards the use of iBeacons to help tie together its marketing plans around major events like the FIFA World Cup 2014.
The FMCG giant is implementing iBeacons to offer spectators of the World Cup with various offers and conversions depending upon their proximity to the fixture (venue). This implementation apart from other interactive campaigns aims at offering a holistic experience for the audience during the much waited for FIFA World Cup.

Simon Miles says that he is looking forward to creating some brilliant integration to take marketing to a whole new level with Apple’s iBeacons.

What is really enthralling about the Coca-Cola campaign is the beacons are placed so strategically in and around the stadium that a targeted person will receive one notification when they are in the car park of the stadium, the next one as they walk inside the stadium building and the like, thereby bringing to life each message that reaches the audience.

Miles is especially excited about the fact that, the Apple technology can be used on Android devices thereby increasing the outreach of the campaign. He quotes it as: “all about bringing a campaign to life at the fixtures installed at the World Cup venue in Brazil”.