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Smart Packaging & Digital Labeling

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Scale Connected Smart Packaging Solutions & Digital Labels Across Millions of Items

Connected Smart Packaging & Digital Labeling today, enables a new level of consumer transparency, product information delivery and closer brand to consumer relationships than ever before. They offer the ability to deliver more information, dynamic product content in multiple languages, use rich content formats in a way customers are used to digitally consuming their information on-demand.

The Qliktag Platform enables you to design and deploy your own digital label / electronic label interaction templates and apply them across a few or few million items turning them into ‘Smart Products’ that can be accessed via the web and activated by consumers on the product or packaging. It also enables the packaging as connected smart packaging through 2D codes, NFC tags allowing consumers to interact with the digital labels, activate digital experiences and send feedback or information back to the brand. 

Designing Digital Product Smart Packaging Experiences for NFC with the Qliktag Platform.

Case Study

A leading global Pharmaceutical organization headquartered in Europe was looking to address some key challenges in the labeling process for clinical trial drugs. Using the Qliktag Platform, the company was able to structure a suitable data model for consumer facing clinical trials product data, integrate their internal clinical trials business systems, labeling systems and content sources to push data into the Qliktag Platform. Digital labels were then designed & activated for clinical trial drugs actively used in studies and an e-label consumer mobile application was developed connected to the platform.

The solution today, allows the patients participating in the study to download the app, scan a data matrix code and have a detailed electronic label or digital label activated in a language based on their phone preferences with information on the trial drug administered. The solution enables the organization to reduce reliance on paper leaflets, printed packaging for clinical trial drugs and deliver more information in an engaging way to patients participating in the trial making the process more efficient with connected smart packaging.

Moreover, the organization is able to deliver the information to patients in over seven languages, gather feedback from them through the electronic label and get analytics and insights which help further improve processes. 

Pharmaceutical Smart Packaging & e-labeling solution
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Platform tools used in creating the solution include:

Case Study - How a Leading Global Pharmaceutical Company Deployed E-labeling for Clinical Trials

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