Contact-less Payments through Lenovo Laptops: Coming Soon?

If all things go as planned, you might soon be able to make payments through your Lenovo Ultrabooks or Thinkpad tablets.The company is reported to be in the process of developing devices with NFC chips embedded in them.
Although there is no news yet about whether or not the devices will be enabled with tap-to-pay support, it wouldn’t be too much to expect the development. After all, more and more options are rising for convenient and safe payment, and Lenovo would be wise to jump in and lead the charge towards adopting NFC technology for widespread use.

Clearly, NFC is still very much a ‘hot’ technology and we’re glad to see it being embraced for so many different purposes. Although we’re still not sure what the NFC chips in the new Lenovo devices will be used for, we expect a lot.



Contact-less payments