For Small Businesses, Investing in Customer Engagement Technology Reaps Rewards

A new survey has revealed that small business owners rely heavily on referrals to keep their businesses going in today’s struggling economy and that is why customer engagement is important to them. The survey also said that because of this, small businesses are more likely to invest in new technologies that will help them in building relations with customers.
This is exactly what we said a few posts back, when we talked about how it’s personalized marketing that will help businesses stand apart from their competition. While it’s no longer possible to model this personalization along the lines of the old Mom & Pop stores, most small businesses today do have the advantage of technology.

Just adding a QR code or NFC hang tag to their products will be a good start for brands; smartphone savvy customers will scan these codes and get facts about the product, the company and any other information that the brand itself chooses to share. This kind of tool will also help brands in collecting data and analyzing it, so that they can tailor their approach to individual customers, with special offers, discounts and previews. It’s a win-win situation for brands and their customers, and it comes at a price that is actually affordable for small to medium enterprises.

Customer Engagement Technology