Customer Insights & Personalized Service – Hotels Use It Why Not Consumer Product Brands?

CRM use, gathering customer intelligence and insights is not a new practice. It’s been used to great advantage towards loyalty and retention by many businesses. The hospitality industry has been prime examples of just how treating a customer as an individual and personalizing service can work.
When you walk into a hotel and the reception desk welcomes you  by name and instantly you’re no longer a room number or “just another guest checking-in”. They know you like your room on a higher floor and that’s where you’re ushered. They know your drink and food preferences so that’s how they stock your mini-bar. You can’t help but love them for it because it’s these little things that define your experience.

Within the consumer product space however, the use of individual customer insights and personalized treatment of buyers isn’t as prevalent. The argument is the brand puts their merchandise on the shelf and the customer buys it off the shelf. The brand and the buyer never meet so how can the principle of customer insight and using it towards personalized service or treatment be possible?

Technology to enable brands and buyers to connect through the products!

This is exactly what we’ve been working on to enable brands to get individual customer insights and deliver personalized service and interactions through the product sitting on the shelf so to speak.

If a buyer walks into a children’s apparel store and the brand were to know the last 3 items purchased by this particular customer on two other visits to the store were:

  1. A pink Disney theme girls sweater
  2. A pink Disney theme girls hooded jacket
  3. A pink Disney theme girls backpack

It’s likely they could interest them in the new range of pink Disney themed shoes that just came in and keep them updated every time a new item from this series was launched. Gathering the customer insights and preferences is done directly through a QR Code or NFC tag placed on the product. When a buyer purchases an item and scans it with their mobile phone, the product information details along with the buyer details can be instantly sent to Zeebric’s QlikTag platform which is equipped with customer insights and analytic capabilities. The mobile phone acts as a bridge between the brand and buyer also enabling the brand to communicate directly with that individual buyer via the mobile device using messaging, web based communication or social media so the buyer no longer feels like “just another consumer” but an individual the brand knows personally and cares about.

With the emergence of smart phones in the hands of buyers, scanning codes to connect offline and online worlds and to allow brands to engage with buyers via social media is growing in popularity.  Are you ready to do what the hospitality businesses have been doing for a long time – collecting insights, personalizing service and retaining customers?



Customer insights and personalized service