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Product Data Syndication & Item Master Data Management

Bridge your internal enterprise business systems with external systems over the cloud.

Syndicate your product data securely over the cloud

With the digital eco-systems that power the consumer retail landscape today, the ability to aggregate, manage and syndicate product data securely in an internet consumable format is critical to staying competitive.

While PIM systems are deployed to centralize and manage product content and attributes, they are designed as inward facing systems to help aggregate and manage product data attributes within the organization and not to make that data available externally to suppliers, retailers, regulators, mobile applications, web applications or devices outside the organization and over the internet.

Whether you’re looking at developing a “supplier portal”, product data aggregator or a system to serve product content to web and mobile applications, The Qliktag Platform provides a robust platform with all the functions and tools you require to syndicate data securely to partners and external entities while ensuring you have complete control of how you share it and how much of your data each recipient should have access to. 

Case Study

A regional GS1 member organization looking to build a collaborative country-wide product data access initiative configured the Qliktag Platform to launch a custom branded portal. A GS1 standards based data model with extensive data quality rules and validations was deployed for consumer facing product content and thousands of brands and manufacturers within the country were setup with user accounts on the platform. The manufacturers / brands assigned the role of “Data Publishers” could then add their product data to the system via API from their internal system, GDSN where larger manufacturers stored their data or directly keying in data through the platform user interface for smaller suppliers and brands.

Special users and roles with restricted access then setup for “Data Recipients” mainly consisting of tens of large multi-national retail companies which would use the system to daily or periodically access, request or export that product data for their internal system and processes. Access levels and restrictions on how much of the product data was available to each individual “Data Recipient” was setup through the platform using configurable export “Data Channels” making sure the retailers requirement for product data from suppliers was met while also ensuring suppliers / brands control over their own products and data access to retailers through the “Access & Permissions” tools within the Qliktag Platform.

Qliktag Platform - Product Data Syndication Solution
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Platform tools used in creating the solution include:

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