Duane Reade Inc introduce iBeacon technology for its customers

iBeacon technology made quite a mark in the retail sector in the recent past with big retail chains  like Macy’s adopting it to give a unique in-store experience to its customers. Beverages and FMCG giants like Red Bull and Coca Cola made some headlines by creating enthralling campaigns with iBeacon technology. With all these engaging mobile campaigns happening around the country retail drug store Duane and Reade jumped onto the iBeacon bandwagon.
Earlier this month the Walgreens owned Duane Reade integrated iBeacon in 10 select outlets. The company intends to test these iBeacons before implementing them in the other outlets as well. These Beacons placed strategically in the store premises will alerts customers with the Duane Reade app with shopping list reminders, send loyalty coupons, product suggestion and customer reviews based on in- store location and past shopping histories.

Since Duane Reade is owned by Walgreens, there is a strong possibility that the drug store giant will incorporate the technology on a large scale once they are done with the beta testing.

One of the major advantages of adopting iBeacon technology to fire signals/push in notifications in New York City is its ability to converting footfalls into sales. New York is a busy, crowded area where a number of times stores and deals gets easily lost in the crowd. Integrating iBeacon into stores will help retailers or stores to sense when a potential shopper is nearing their location, and instantly alert them about their location/vicinity to the store.

iBeacon and mobile engagement in stores is topping the priority list for the drug store chain. Reports show that majority of shoppers at a particular time use web based/mobile based platforms to make in store decisions, it clearly makes sense that major retailers are shifting towards implementing an app or mobile engagement platform to drive engagement and sales.