E-labeling & Consumer Transparency for the Cannabis Industry

The legal cannabis market in Canada & the US is evolving rapidly, as are the labeling regulations that focus on responsible and controlled consumption. 

While packaging & print labeling regulations are tightening and have several restrictions and limitations, e-Labels which can be activated over the internet via the packaging / item opens an array of opportunities for brands to communicate more to the consumers. 

The Solution

The Qliktag Platform – an IoT platform for enabling Smart Products, enables cannabis industry brands to deliver detailed and accurate product information to their customers, rich content in the form of videos, animation, images and more, reinforcing a culture of safe and responsible use of cannabis. The platform also powers batch / serial item tracking and traceability, serialization information storage and ensures trust, transparency & traceability, built into the items distributed through authorized channels. With regulations for the industry still evolving, here is why enabling items as smart products and deploying electronic labels are the perfect platform to conform and stimulate responsible item information & brand communication.

  • Activate traceability to record item history at batch or serial item level

  • Build consumer trust by delivering detailed & accurate product information to the consumer which goes beyond the limitations & restrictions of print packaging & labels

  • Ensure only authentic verifiable products flow down the supply chain 

  • Promote responsible consumption   

  • Keep up to date with regulation changes by electronically updating label content & staying compliant with changes
Cannabis Industry Smart Label Authentication Traceability Safety

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