Deploy & Manage FCPC Canada SmartLabel™ in Minutes with the QLIKTAG Platform

The FCPC Canada SmartLabel™ Initiative

As the demand for consumer transparency & ability to access accurate product information on digital devices grows, the SmartLabel™ initiative has gathered considerable momentum. With numerous leading brands having deployed them as a means to detailed product information to consumers beyond what could fit on traditional packaging, the innovative FCPC (Food & Consumer Products of Canada) led SmartLabel™ initiative in Canada has now taken off with Canadian companies committed to SmartLabel™ and giving consumers access to detailed and accurate product information.

When it comes to deploying & managing Canada SmartLabel™ across the product catalog, the QLIKTAG Platform offers a turnkey solution to directly connect with your data within GS1 Canada‘s ECCNet and deploy FCPC specification ready SmartLabel™ quickly & with ease.

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Why Use the QLIKTAG Platform for Your Canada SmartLabel™ Program?

Direct integration with your GS1 Canada ECCNet 'Certified SmartLabel Data' source without the need to export & re-import your existing certified data.
Instant connectivity to GS1 Canada ECCNet ensures your SmartLabel™ is updated dynamically when your certified product data within ECCNet is updated without any extra effort.
Meets FCPC specifications & design guidelines for Canada SmartLabel™ & updated regularly in accordance with the changing requirements.
Layer on more rich interactive product content such as videos, instructions, recipes, sound bytes, maps, feedback forms, offer coupons and more.
Cost effective pricing model which lets you get started quickly at a lower cost and pay as you grow and receive more value from consumers in the form of increased eyeballs & interactions with SmartLabel™