6 Features of Great Mobile Websites

Mobile websites are an important touch-point for customers: they browse for products and services on their mobile devices, compare reviews and ratings and often rely on mobile to make their final purchase decisions. The centrality of mobile to customer behavior thus cannot be ignored. If businesses want to attract customers today, they needs to be on mobile, and that means building mobile websites that customers will enjoy using.
While there are some really good mobile websites, there are some badly executed ones that turn away customers rather than attract them. To make sure your business doesn’t suffer this way, you need to know what the features are that make some mobile websites so much better than others.


There’s no need to cram every bit of information about your brand on your mobile website. Mobile real estate is extremely valuable and there is little space on mobile websites for anything other than the most relevant information.  By including too much on your mobile website, you may end up obscuring the most important information that your customers are seeking.

Ease of Navigation

Another problem with mobile websites is the ‘fat finger’ problem. If the interface elements on mobile websites such as buttons, links and menus are too small, customers have great trouble navigating the site. It is best to have large buttons with clear font and hierarchical menus that will make navigation easier for users, and help them find what they need.

Fast loading time

More than half the people visiting mobile websites will abandon them if they don’t load quickly enough. With mobile everything is immediate, and mobile websites too need to be fast to keep users’ attention from wandering. It is frustrating for users if they have to wait for more than five seconds for a mobile website to load. To avoid this, make sure your website is optimized for speed.

Focus on conversions

Most visitors to mobile websites are there to make a final purchase decision. Don’t distract them with unnecessary actions or information. Make it as easy as possible for your customers to find what they need. Make sure your menu is easy to navigate and there’s a large, visible search bar.  With mobile websites, the focus should be on conversions, so if possible, there should also be mobile check-out and payment options.

Sync with Desktop Website

While mobile websites should not be complete replicas of their desktop versions, they also should not be too different. It is important to maintain consistency, otherwise, it could divide your customers. So whenever you update either your mobile website or desktop website with new information, make sure to update the other as well.  A lot of consumers tend to use multiple devices to access the same brand online, so whether they come to you via mobile or desktop, they should be receiving the same information.

Immediate Access to Business

Most people use their mobile devices to access mobile websites because it’s convenient. Make it even more convenient for your customers by adding a ‘Click to Call’ function to your website. This way, you reduce the chances of losing your customers between the time they see your mobile website and the time they finally contact you.

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