Google’s New Calculator Will Demystify Mobile Marketing Numbers

If you’re worried about how you can calculate the effectiveness of your mobile marketing campaign, have no fear. Google has launched a new tool called The Full Value of Mobile Calculator, which helps business owners check the impact that their mobile marketing is making on their consumer base. Google has made the tool easy to use, with simple equations and benchmarks to help business owners understand the full value of their mobile marketing efforts. The site page declares, “Our Full Value of Mobile Calculator helps you consider online and offline conversions in a way you may not be measuring yet and give credit where its due. Rethinking conversion paths is not only key to unlocking the Full Value of Mobile, but also to unlocking the full value of digital.”
With three out of ten mobile searches resulting in visiting a store, calling a business or making a purchase online, there’s no doubt that this tool comes at a very good time. With the Calculator, business owners can either manually or through a Google AdWords account, enter information, such as in-store sales and sales coming through mobile site. They will then be guided through the functioning of the Calculator, which will be ready to use in 30 minutes. Business owners will be able to access data on total value of their mobile marketing campaign, value per click, and return of investments driven by mobile.

(Video via GoogleMobileAds)


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