Why the Google NFC & QR Code Billboards Are So Brilliant

A new campaign by Google, featuring NFC and QR codes, is a great example of innovative mobile marketing that provides solutions

One of the major complaints against the use of NFC and QR codes in marketing campaigns is that they have been very badly used. Many marketers who use these tools often do not think about how the campaign will benefit users or how much NFC and QR codes will improve their campaigns. Fortunately, the Google NFC and QR code-based  mobile marketing campaign, which is currently live in airports around Australia, does not fall into either category.

Travelers visiting Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane airports will be able to see and use the Google NFC and QR billboard which have been set up there. They can use these billboards to interact with Google Play content – movies, books, music, magazines – and download them directly onto their Android devices using the free WiFi available at the airports.

This Google NFC and QR code campaign, managed by Ooh! Media, is clearly well thought out. It is convenient to customers for two significant reasons:

It fills an entertainment gap and provides a much needed and practical solution. Waiting at airports and traveling by air can get very tedious and it is especially so to travelers who may have forgotten to get themselves something to read or watch. By enabling travelers to download entertainment material directly onto their Android devices, Google has provided them with real value. The Google NFC and QR code billboards form more than just a marketing solution.

This campaign uses a software called Red Crystal, which basically creates an interactive experience between a smart device and a large screen without the need to download software. This is clearly a very smart move; one of the major complaints against using QR codes in mobile marketing campaigns was that in order to interact with them, users would have to download special apps. Here, this need is eliminated and the process of interacting with the campaign is more streamlined.

Hopefully, this use of Google NFC and QR code billboards is just a beginning. You can watch the campaign in action in the video below:

Video courtesy Ooh! Media


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