Gramercy Park Hotel Tailors a Luxury Experience for Mobile & Desktop

New York’s Gramercy Park Hotel recently overhauled its web strategy to reflect the hotel experience. In keeping with the demands of the time, it also configured the mobile-mindedness of its patrons and delivered mobile-optimized site that would ease browsing, as well as booking.
What is interesting, however, is that both the desktop and the mobile experience seek to encapsulate the ‘story’ of the hotel – its distinctive personality, furnishings by Julian Schnabel and eclectic art collection that includes Warhol and Basquiat. That is why, most of the images on the desktop site display the aesthetics of the hotel, along with nuggets of information. The mobile site, similarly, highlights the aesthetics of the property, albeit in a more condensed manner.

The idea behind the overhaul, as mentioned in this article, is that its not just enough to make bookings easier for desktop, as well as mobile users. The standard of luxury, as represented by the Gramercy Park Hotel, needs to be suitably conveyed to all customers – whether they come via laptops, tablets or smartphones.

We think this is a good example of how to plan a mobile experience keeping in mind the product. If the product in question had been a mid-range or budget hotel, it would have been more important to highlight the practical aspects of the hotel, such as the price range, accessibility to modes of transport etc. With a hotel that is in the luxury range, however, the demands of the clientele change and the response has to be tailored to suit them. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that the Gramercy Park Hotel’s mobile experience should choose to highlight the luxury aspects of the property.



Gramercy park hotel mobile experience