An IoT Platform for Enabling Smart Products

The Qliktag Platform offers enterprises a cloud IoT layer & tools to rapidly build Industry 4.0 solutions & applications scaled across millions of items with minimal coding. Enable your everyday consumer products as connected smart products with Qliktag the low code IoT platform for enabling smart products.

Build Trust, Transparency & Traceability into your Products

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See how the Qliktag Platform can power product digitalization & IoT smart product solutions

Qliktag Connected Smart Products & Smart Packaging
What is a Smart Product?

Connected Smart Products

An everyday item that maintains a digital twin with information about itself and the context in which it exists. A connected smart product can be identified digitally & transfer data about itself through a connected device such as a smartphone, barcode scanner, NFC device, RFID reader, watermark or other similar interactions.

Why Smart Products?

Solve Today's Challenges

Smart products are essential to address Industry 4.0 challenges such as…

Qliktag Connected Smart Products Packaging
How to Enable Smart Products?

The Qliktag Platform

The Qliktag Platform enables tagged items to easily send & receive information about themselves over the internet via a digital twin elevating them as smart products. Tagged items are any items with a barcode, QR code, NFC, RFID, Datamatrix, Databar, distinguishable label artwork, or a watermark. A tag in combination with a reader facilitates the communication between an item and its digital twin.

Why Leverage the Qliktag Platform?

Scale Across Billions of Items

The Qliktag Platform provides enterprises a cloud based IoT layer to rapidly develop solutions and applications built to scale across millions of items securely with minimal coding.

Qliktag IoT Smart Products Platform Layer

What Customers are Saying

"We have had great success onboarding member manufacturers and suppliers to start using the system. They have taken charge of uploading and verifying their product data on a regular basis and we’re seeing new item data added daily"

Jan Sommers
CEO - GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg
"With the significant growth in online and mobile commerce, brand owners need to respond to retailer and consumer demands for trusted product data. GS1 Canada is pleased to announce our partnership with QLIKTAG Software."

Art Smith
CEO - GS1 Canada


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