How Brands Can Score Customer Loyalty Points

It’s not easy for brands to earn customer loyalty points – that is, loyalty points from their customers. Here’s how technology can help.

Great brands are built on customer loyalty and in today’s socially interconnected consumer era, a loyal customer is more than just repeat business. A loyal customer is also a brand ambassador that goes out there, uses social media and advocates the brand adding to the collective voice that influences others. Winning the hearts of buyers and gaining their loyalty has never been more important. Douglas Karr and the folks at Zendesk recently published a really insightful infographic on Loyalty Rewards – What Makes Customers Stay. One section in particular, based on a survey lays out what customers believe are the best ways in which a company can earn customer loyalty points (loyalty from its customers).

See the entire infographic here

According to the respondents:

34% believed providing exceptional 24/7 customer service was key to winning their loyalty 24% said rewarding them for their purchases, feedback and referrals can help build a sense of loyalty with them 13% said sending exclusive or relevant offers and specials would be the best way 12% said providing personalized products or service was important 10% said knowing me when I visit or call was important to them 11% had selected other factors With the exception of the customer service, the other factors clearly point out that buyers/customers want to be treated as individuals that matter to the brand and receive “personalized” products, offers, communication or customer loyalty points. Technology solutions that enable brands to connect to buyers on an individual level, help know them better, personalize their products, experience, offers and reward loyal buyers will offer brands an upper hand. Consumers are clear on what they expect from brands in order to earn their loyalty and support. The question is – are brands clear on how they plan to deliver on these areas and start engaging loyal customers as individuals?

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