How to use QR codes in Magazines

A QR code campaign can work on a number of different platforms – magazines and newspapers, flyers, mailers, business cards, posters, catalogs and product packaging. But magazines are by far one of the most effective platforms for QR code marketing success. As we wrote in a previous post, QR codes in magazines usually get the most scan. According to a study conducted by Pitney Bowes, in the 18-24 age group, as well as the 25-34 age group, the scanning stats for QR codes are highest when they are presented in a magazine. This applies to the USA, as well as Europe.
This data is not surprising: most people usually read magazines when they have a bit of time on their hands, whether they are at home, on their daily commute, in a hairstylist’s chair or in the dentist’s waiting room. QR codes placed in magazines thus target people who are most likely to have the time to scan a QR code and explore the landing page that it takes them too. Apart from this is also the fact that QR codes in magazines can be used for a number of different purposes, such as those listed below.

1) Sell products more directly: Magazines, especially those that deal with fashion and lifestyle, can use QR codes to direct their readers to portals where they can actually buy the products that they see on the page. This works very well because consumers are primed to buy when they see attractive pictures of products, particularly of those in the lifestyle category. Esquire did a pretty good job of using QR codes in this way – it showed readers how they can wear the item on view, and also led them to the designer’s website where they could place an order.

2) Run Contests: Magazines have always run contests, but these have mostly been of the type where readers are required to send in answers to certain questions. A contest with a QR code in it would do a lot to generate reader interest. The QR code itself could be part of the contest, used as a sort of crossword puzzle, which needs to be filled in with the right answers in order to be scanned. A QR code could also be placed alongside a contest announcement. Once scanned, it could take readers to web pages where they would need to solve image-based, interactive puzzles in order to win. QR codes can also be used in a treasure hunt or race, as demonstrated by Mercedes -Benz.

3) Show the product in action: Another great advantage of QR codes is that they don’t have to be used to merely direct users towards text. They can also be used to show videos of the product in use. For instance, a kitchen tool can feature in a video where it is used to whip up a meal. Similarly, a dress can be featured in a runway video, while a video for an electronic gadget can show how it is installed.

How to use qr codes in magazines