Increased number of QR code scans by holiday shoppers

QR codes have been under the scanner for a number of reasons; sometimes they are scanned by shoppers using Smartphones to avail offers and at other times they are under the scanner by marketing gurus discussing their expiry and incompetencies. Researchers went ahead and proclaimed QR codes to be dead and invalid and the internet flooded with articles saying how QR codes are failing.
The table turned in the favor of QR codes during the last holiday season.The latest report from Scanbuy revealed  a  staggering 33 percent increase in barcode scans, including QR codes, UPCs, and even NFC tags, throughout the holiday season by users of mobile devices

As Compared to 2012:

In the last one year, there has been an exponential increase in the number of QR codes that have been scanned.  The Scanbuy report displayed a dramatic increase in the scanning trends during the last holiday season.   More than 10.4 million QR codes had been scanned during the festive season of November 22nd to December 31st, 2013.

This is a one-third increase in the number of scans as compared to the report of 2012. Thus proving that there is a continuation of the scanning of these barcodes. This changing trend is a clear indication of mass awareness and an inclination of shoppers towards QR code scanning.

Increased interest in QR codes and other forms of mobile engagement

The increase in the number of scans displays the interest that consumers are continuing to have in terms of interacting with retailers and the product throughout the biggest shopping season of the year. It clearly shows that the shoppers around the globe are ready to welcome a refreshing and an interactive way of shopping.

Further research in the field of consumer behavior and shopping patterns revealed certain interesting facts about the way shoppers get enticed by a product and ultimately leads to purchasing it.

Brands like Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Tanger outlet and Khol were the most liked brands on mobile campaigns during the festive season. Leveraging QR codes and Letting out the word in social media, they could achieve an exponential reach within the circle of the buyers creating viral marketing for their respective brands. The age group of the scanners ranged from 35 to 44 years clearly showing that adopting modern technology does not impact only the teenagers who window shop but also the spending age groups. There has been a drastic shift in the way a brand is perceived by urban shoppers and by adopting innovating and cutting-edge technology-oriented campaigns not only engage customers in the store, but also helps convert the footfall into sales.