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Power Interactive Smart Packaging Consumer Applications

Consumer engagement and providing interactive experiences can be a powerful strategy for marketing, engagement, product safety & bringing brands and consumers closer.

The Qliktag Platform can be used to power and develop interactive smart packaging applications whether in combination with Image Recognition (IR), Augmented Reality (AR), Digital Watermarking, NFC inlays, NFC tags or other technologies to invoke an experience. This can also be combined with the use of various new smart packaging sensors making their way to the market such as temperature sensors, weight sensors, moisture sensors to develop interaction flows and send alerts to consumers. The “Interaction Editor” can be used to design experiences that can be triggered through the packaging and the Custom API Designer can be used to serve mobile applications or devices with product content, assets and data attributes required by these apps . 

Case Study

The software R&D team at Qliktag decided to build an interactive smart packaging mobile application using AR technology tool. An application driven by a camera which could identify a product that was placed in front of it and display information about the product to the consumer through an Augmented Reality lens.

A simple Product SKU Entity & Data Model was configured with basic attributes like product name, quantity, country of origin and price and product data for some sample products was added through the UI. An AR mobile application was then built using Ionic to identify the product by checking the visual against a database of packaging images. Once the product has been identified, the mobile app sends the identifier back to the Qliktag Platform which then sends back the product attributes back to the app which then displays the information in an augmented reality format. 

When the AR app is pointed at a product for which images and data has been entered, the app brings up the digital twin / data representation of that product. This interactive packaging application can also be deployed using a web camera and a large LCD display where a consumer can hold up a product package in front of the camera to view more information about the product through it’s digital twin. 

Platform tools used in creating the solution include:

Case Study - Interactive Packaging

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