Json Schema Visual Data Model Designer

Visually Designing JSON Schema Data Models for Your Applications Made Simple

Json Schema Visual Data Model Designer Tool

The Qliktag Platform features a one of a kind drag and drop json schema visual data model designer tool that allows you to create some of the most complex, structured json schema data models with simplicity & ease.  

As you use the editor to create your data model in a simple, intuitive way, json schema will be generated & validated for you to use within the platform or export. 

The Entity manager enables you to link a custom defined Entity with a published data model, create relationships & associations between these Entities (attached to data models) and also manage versioning of Data Models effectively for updates to the data model without upsetting an existing system.

  • Create complex structured NoSQL data models with an intuitive drag & drop visual editor tool

  • Define Data Entity associations & relationships between data entities

  • Manage updates to your data models with versioning capabilities

  • Saas platform based with robust cloud infrastructure, highly scalable, secure, Elastic search integration, comprehensive library of ready APIs & Node Red integration for developing custom APIs. 

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