KFC launches mobile payment and orders

KFC customers may soon find that placing an order and picking it up at one of the chains’ outlets is simply a matter of click-and-go. The fast food giant has released a new mobile and web application that will make it easy for their customers to choose their favorite meals, place an order, pay for it and pick it up. The new mobile payment process has been piloted in some outlets in UK and the KFC Fast Track app is currently available to iPhone users.
Customers who use the app will be able to select an order, and enter their credit card details to check it out. Once the payment goes through customers will get an order confirmation for pick up. Upon arrival at the outlet customers must check-in via their mobile to let staff know they have arrived, and they will be able to skip the long check-out lines by heading directly towards the check-out dedicated to the app users. The app also allows customers to create their own accounts in which they can store their order history, favorite products and payment details for one-click payments.

KFC is a perhaps a little late in arriving on the mobile commerce scene; other fast food chains such as McDonald’s, Burger King and Domino’s Pizza have already launched their mobile payment systems. However, its never too late, and KFC’s attempts to create a friction-less customer experience will surely be appreciated by its many loyal customers.



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