Lanvin’s Mobile Commerce Feature Set to Draw Revenue

Lanvin’s new m-commerce feature is a worthy gift from the brand to its fans and loyal customers. The French luxury house has recently added the commerce feature to its mobile site, in a bid to cater to all those who cannot easily access a physical Lanvin store. Coming on top of the mobile-optimized site it already runs, the m-store is a wonderfully user-friendly feature. Unlike a lot of other luxury labels such as Versace, the French brand has not compromised usability in favour of aesthetics. While the store looks streamlined and perfectly in keeping with the fashion house’s overall aesthetic sensibilities, it remains easy to access the menu and view items for sale.
The site offers a 360 degree view of all products available on the site, with all information in legible text. While all the images are clear and easy to view, one of the brand’s top priorities while creating the site was obviously a fast loading time. Each product page offers full information about the product, besides sharing information about the packaging. Users can also easily print out the information or share it with friends on social networks. In short, it offers the full customer experience, even to those customers who might be shopping on their mobile devices.

Lanvin’s easy-access approach may superficially seem like a bad move for a luxury brand. By making product information available to anyone with a smartphone, the ‘exclusivity’ factor of the label might be reduced. However, it is a great way to land new customers or cater to older ones who may not be able to access a physical store easily. Shopping on a mobile store helps first-time buyers feel more comfortable, unlike in a physical store where they may not be able to easily ask questions about the price, material etc. The exclusivity factor is relegated to where it belongs: the product pricing.

Mobile commerce is already proving to be a significant source of revenue for luxury brands. Gucci reported 70 per cent growth in its mobile conversion and a four-fold increase in its mobile revenue, compared to the same time last year. Given how well Lanvin has designed its m-commerce feature, there is no doubt about the positive effect it will have on the French label’s mobile revenue.

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