Leveraging Referrals in Mobile Marketing

A back-to-the-basics approach usually works well when it comes to mobile marketing. For instance, one of the basic tenets of marketing is rewarding customers for loyalty and there’s no reason why this cannot be done on mobile as well.  Perhaps the most common tactics in this regard is offering customers special discounts for visiting an establishment a certain number of times. This relies on the check-in feature of mobile marketing platforms. Another is to send out targeted marketing messages to subscribing customers; these messages would vary depending on the time of day and the user’s location.
However, one very important step that businesses can take is rewarding customers for referrals. It is tough enough to retain old customers, but getting new customers can be extremely time-consuming and expensive as well. Businesses can make it just a little bit easier for themselves by asking their customers to refer them to friends, in exchange for discounts or special offers. This is exactly what VooDoo BBQ & Grill has done: the chain rewards loyal customers with points redeemable for food and merchandise in exchange for purchases, word-of-mouth and referrals.

Of course, even this basic principle won’t work if the business is not honest with its customers and/or does not offer the best it can in terms of food and services. Your customers are no fools; even in exchange for a reward, they are unlikely to refer a business that has let them down in any way or offers inferior food and services. So before you offer rewards to your customers, ensure that it is something they will actually want.



Leveraging referrals in mobile marketing