List of Top Vendors & Manufacturers of iBeacon or Bluetooth BLE Beacons

The emerging BLE beacon technology has picked up momentum considerably over the last few months with more brands and organizations using the proximity-based technology to deploy innovative campaigns and experiences for users. These little devices can be placed practically anywhere in the stores, reach shoppers at the most opportune time and trigger messages or notifications that lead to purchases.

Since we’ve seen a good response from brands enquiring how they can use our software platform to launch ibeacon experiences, we decided it may help to do a round-up of all the Bluetooth beacon / ibeacon hardware vendors where you can source beacons.

Here they are in no particular order:

1.       Estimote: They have small wireless sensors that can be attached to any location or object. With this beacon, apps on the smartphone understand their proximity to nearby locations and objects, recognizing their type, ownership, approximate location, temperature, and motion. They have an inbuilt powerful ARM processor, memory, Bluetooth Smart module, and temperature and motion sensors. It is powered by a coin battery, which broadcast radio signals through built-in antennas.

2.       Gimbal: This device produced, combines advanced geo-fencing and analytics. Bridging the physical and digital worlds with unmatched security features and privacy controls. It has the world’s largest distributor of industry-leading Bluetooth Low Energy beacons with iBeacon technology.

3.      Radius Networks: They are the industry’s first multi-beacons, providing concurrent support for both iBeacon and AltBeacon technologies, and seamless services across iOS, Android, and other emerging mobile platforms. They are available in the widest range of power and packaging options, including AC-power, USB-power, long-life battery, indoor and outdoor, weatherproof ruggedized enclosures.

4.      Kontakt: They provide beacons that are fully configurable with API (auto-import to Web Panel), it integrates Beacons into your app in 12 lines of code or less and has full backup through cloud service. They provide 1-click Over-The-Air firmware update and 1000mAh high capacity replaceable battery lasting up to 2 years. They also give customizable hardware that uses your brand color and logo.

5.      Blue Cats: These cat-shaped beacons have two AA batteries that are easily replaceable and with the versatile mounting plate it makes it easy to put them anywhere. It has over the air remote management and proprietary encryption so that they are not used by anyone else.

6.      Blue sense Network: It has best in class iBeacon certified beacons with multiple certifications like CE, FCC, IC etc. It’s compatible with all Bluetooth enabled smartphones. It’s fully configurable over-the-air and has battery and USB option. The secure firmware ensures tamper-free operation and has 200m+ of long-range models available.

7.      Gelo: These beacons are fully functional using two standard AAA batteries lasting for over two years. They are dust and water resistance with IP66 rated. They are rugged, all-terrain and all-season devices. Have FCC certification and Bluetooth SIG approval. It supports all mobile platforms.

8.      Glimworm: They are small BLE transmitters that use Apple’s iBeacon to send a small radio signal to smartphones up to 50 meters away. They are super secured with a 6 digit PIN code to operate. They are nicely designed and can be rebranded with your company brand and logo and the code is open source.

9.      Accent-systems: Has 7 times more of battery life and the battery can be replaced in just 4 seconds. It has secure password protected ODA firmware. It can configure all the parameters, including UUID, Major, Minor, and more and has consistent delivery of quality signal reception and stability over a maximum range.

10.  GPShopper: Their beacons are pre-integrated with their enterprise-class mobile content management system and reporting tools for retailers, making set-up, management and reporting easy. They can be used for both proximity marketing and, for reporting only.

11.  GCell: A UK manufacturer of the world’s first Solar iBeacon. It has an average life of 8 years at iBeacon standard. Whats more it works off any source of light, even artificial indoor light.

Please feel free to contribute other providers and vendors in the comments section and we’ll be sure to update our list.