Mercedes Benz QR codes to speed up rescue

Mercedes-Benz announced that it will make the rescue of accident victims easier by using QR codes on its models.  Upon scanning, the Mercedes Benz QR codes will show rescue teams the complete rescue sheets for the automobile, in order to guide them through the rescue. These sheets are specific to vehicle types and have been developed by the ADAC, the German Automobile Association.
The Mercedes Benz QR codes were felt necessary as rescue workers often have to conduct operations without the complete knowledge of the car’s inner mechanisms. The rescue sheets, which contain this information, are supposed to be carried by each vehicle owner in the car, but are often misplaced, forgotten or inaccessible to the rescue teams. With the use of the Mercedes Benz QR codes, however, valuable seconds can be saved, as police, firefighters and paramedics simply have to scan the code in order to understand how they can conduct their operations without endangering victims who might be trapped inside. These QR codes will be placed on stickers which will be stuck on the fuel tank flap of the cars, as well as the B-pillar on the opposite side of the vehicle, as both parts are seldom simultaneously damaged in an accident.

The rescue sheets contain the design details of the cars, including the location of the airbags, the battery, the tanks, electric cables, high-pressure cylinders and other components. In the case of hybrid models, they also carry the location of the additional batteries and high-voltage cables. This information is vital for the swift and safe rescue of victims who might be trapped inside automobiles and by making the information accessible via QR codes, Mercedes-Benz is helping to save valuable time. It could even successfully reduce the number of fatalities in accidents involving its vehicles. Once there is conclusive data on how well this system works, there’s no reason why other automobile manufacturers should implement it as well, especially since Mercedes-Benz has waived the right to a patent registration in order to make the system available to everyone.

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