The Essential Guide to Millennial Marketing: Mobile Social Engagement

In the final installment of our series on Marketing to Millennials, we’ll take a look at how brands can engage with their customers on social networks

In our previous posts on Marketing to Millennials, we’ve discussed how mobile marketing is the best way to reach the Millennial generation, and how enabling product discovery is the best way to engage with them. In this post, we’ll examine the impact of mobile social marketing: marketing that combines the benefits of mobile as well as social.

Social Media Usage Stats for Millennials

We’ve already seen how Millennials use their mobile devices for product discovery and brand engagement. Now let’s look at some statistics on social media usage by Millennials.

  1. Around 68% Millennials get their news from social media
  2. 66% look up a store after learning that their friends have checked in there
  3. 43% have ‘liked’ more than 20 brands on Facebook
  4. 91% make their Facebook Places and Foursquare check-ins public
  5. 52% have over 300 Facebook friends
  6. 72% of millennials would like to the source of information to a friend

How Brands Can Use Mobile Social Engagement to connect with Millennials

If we look at the numbers above, we can see a clear pattern in how Millennials like to use social media.  Millennials like to share information – including details about their shopping habits – on social networks, and are likely to be receptive to brand information they get here. It is also important to note that since Millennials are such heavy users of social media and because they have a large number of followers or friends on social networks, when they share information about a brand they like, it is likely to be seen, and accepted, by a larger number of people.

By understanding this behavior, and by tapping the power of mobile and social together, brands can align themselves with how Millennials like to receive brand and product information.

  1. Brands can encourage store check-ins by offering customers mobile coupons, special discounts and other offers. It is also a good idea to occasionally surprise your checked-in customers with special gifts; this helps build a positive brand image.
  2. Brands can also offer QR code tags and posters to direct customers to their social media pages. The goal here, however, is not  just to have a certain number of ‘Likes’. It is important for brands to use social networks to create communities of loyal customers, who will be instrumental in spreading brand awareness. This can be done by allowing customers to share their photos and other content on your Facebook page, or by running campaigns on Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook where you can share content posted by your followers.
  3. Another thing brands can do is give mobile coupons to customers who use social media to recommend their products or services to their friends. Keep an eye on social media conversations about your brand: if you spot a positive or encouraging comment or review, be sure to let your customer know you appreciate it and send them mobile discounts or coupons. Also, don’t ignore the negative comments or reviews. Genuinely constructive criticism should be responded to graciously; you can even offer customer service on social media.