The Essential Guide to Millennial Marketing: Enabling Product Discovery

Millennials don’t buy into marketing hype and would rather discover products and services they love. Here’s how brands can use mobile to enable product discovery.

In this 4-part series on Marketing to Millennials we have written about how the Millennial generation is technology driven and is best engaged via mobile devices. In this post we will take a look at how important the concept of ‘product discovery’ is to Millennials, and how brands can use mobile to introduce this cohort to new products and services, and also make it easy for them to share their discoveries with their social group.

Why Product Discovery is Important to Millennials

Like the generations before them, there are certain values that Millennials hold dearer than others. These are authenticity, autonomy and authorship. Let’s take a look at each of these closely, and see how it affects Millennials’ need for ‘discovering’ products and services, rather than have them brought to their notice by marketing messages.

  1. Authenticity: Millennials have a keen distrust of hype and would rather not but products that are sold to them by over-enthusiastic marketers. One of their chief requirements is that a product be authentic and that it should add real value to their lives. The products they buy need to be consistent with their image of themselves.
  2. Autonomy: As already mentioned, Millennials don’t like being told what to buy. They would rather trust their own decisions rather than those made by marketers.
  3. Authorship: Millennials want to be able to shape their choices and assert these in the marketplace.  If a product or service does not meet their exact needs, no amount of marketing hype will work.

Considering the aforementioned values, it is easy to see why Millennials value product discovery. The products and services which they discover for themselves will, naturally, be consistent with the image of themselves and will meet their exact needs.

How Brands Can Use Mobile To Enable Product Discovery

  1. Send Text Invitations to Previews and Trials: Since Millennials love discovering new products and being among the first to try out new things, why not invite them to special previews and product trials by sending text messages? Or you could even give them free workshops and tutorials: for instance, Kings Food Market offered a cooking school that allowed customers to try and cook new foods and experiment with new tastes. Such opportunities will be highly valued by Millennials.
    1. Allow sharing of brand experience: Millennials like influencing the choices of their friends and families and enjoy sharing their new discovering. One way in which brands can engage with Millennials, therefore, is to make it easy for them to socially share news about products and services. For instance, you could have a QR code hang tag on your product, which when scanned, will allow the user to immediately share it on various social networks.
  2. Mobile coupons: As mentioned in a previous post, Millennials love a good deal and are likelier to try new brands if they are offered coupons. The same can work with mobile coupons – if offered a good discount, Millennials are more likely to try out a new product using a coupon they receive from your brand.
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