The Great Potential of the Mobile & Television Combination

Big brands have realized the value of including mobile in their marketing plans, but they’re not relying on it as an isolated channel. Instead, by coming up with creative ways to merge mobile with television, brands – both consumer and retail – are touching new heights of customer engagement. Let’s take a look at Macy’s, which is not only using a combination of QR codes, SMS and Mobile web to engage with viewers of Fashion Star, an NBC show, but is also creating a database of mobile-engaged consumers. Viewers can now directly order clothes that are featured on the show and can sign up for a chance to win a sweepstakes via a mobile-optimized site. Viewers can also sign up to receive text messages about the show, as well as offers from the retail giant.
This is a smart strategy to bring in new customers. Viewers are encouraged to shop on the mobile site as soon as Fashion Star is aired: in short, this is the brief window period that Macy has to attract customers, when they are still primed from watching a fashion-based show, and the retailer has smartly used that period by leveraging its mobile presence. The sweepstakes – the prize for which is a trip to Los Angeles and a shopping spree worth $1000 – is just additional enticement.

Perhaps an even more creative example is that of Coca-Cola’s ‘Chok! Chok! Chok!’ campaign in Hong Kong. Whenever the television commercial played, viewers were encouraged to ‘catch’ bottle caps shown on the screen, using a phone app created for that purpose. The app was triggered by audio signals from the commercial, which synced the user’s motion with the video. The success of the app could be seen in the fact that it got 380,000 downloads in its very first month and the campaign was seen by 9 million people.

Clearly, mobile-TV integration has already begun to take some giant and creative strides.With the ubiquity of contact-less technology like QR codes and NFC, one can only hope to see more such imaginative thinking.



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