5 Ways in Which Mobile Coupons Can Benefit Your Business

Mobile Coupons are powerful tools for product and service discovery. Use them wisely.

If you’ve studied marketing at all or been a marketing professional, you would know that coupons are an essential tool in any business’s marketing arsenal. You can use them to introduce your customers to new products and services, or get them to buy more of a particular product. The principles of coupon usage are as easily applicable to mobile marketing, as they are to traditional marketing; perhaps more so. Mobile coupons can be directly delivered to customers’ mobile devices. Additionally, most people never leave their homes without their mobile phones; therefore, mobile coupons are more likely to be used than traditional clip-and-use coupons which are often forgotten at home.

Advantages of Mobile Coupons:

  1. Introduction of new products:  Many large consumer brand products introduce new products to consumers by offering them free samples. This is a very effective way of generating interest and eventually getting customers to pay for products that they have sampled and liked. However, sampling is expensive and not a possibility for many brands. In such cases, mobile coupons can be used: even at a reduced price, customers will be more inclined to try new products.
  2. To move older products: Sometimes, certain products don’t work well: this could be for a number of reasons, ranging from price to product visibility. By offering mobile coupons, redeemable on such products, you will be re-introducing them to consumers.
  3. Increasing in-store sales: Many brick-and-mortar stores have seen reduced sales, thanks to show rooming: the practice wherein customers go to offline stores to compare products, but eventually purchase them online . However, by using mobile coupons, you can actually increase footfalls and sales in your stores.  Customers are more likely to walk into a store if they have a mobile coupon that is only redeemable offline.
  4. Building a database: Businesses can also use mobile coupons to build a database of customers who are interested in coupons, deals and discounts. Customer information and consent can be acquired at the time of coupon redemption.
  5. Improving customer loyalty and retention: Offering mobile coupons to loyal or regular customers is a good way to ensure their continued loyalty to your business. Businesses can also offer mobile coupons to customers who provide a certain number of referrals or share information about products or services on social networks.