Mobile Customer Loyalty: What Do Your Customers Want?

No number of mobile customer loyalty programs will work unless your brand is loyal to its customers

On this blog, we’re a more than a little interested in the subject of mobile customer loyalty. We’ve written about how a brand can create a successful mobile customer loyalty program, what the key to customer loyalty is and why companies should be thinking about adopting a mobile loyalty program (if they don’t already have one, that is).

Clearly, we have written a lot about how businesses can generate more customer loyalty ( particularly mobile customer loyalty). However, the pertinent question now is: what do customers expect in return for their loyalty? Honestly, yes, and perhaps also a little loyalty in return.

This post is actually prompted by a thought-provoking article that popped up in our inbox this morning. The author of said article talks about his long-term loyalty to companies that provided basic services to his home, such as gas, electricity and the internet. He then discusses how he felt cheated when he realized that these companies that he had been so loyal to had no bothered to offer him any of the benefits they were offering new customers.

There’s a clear lesson here for all companies.Yes, it is very important to find new customers, because that’s the only way your company can grow. However, in this rush to find new customers don’t neglect your already existing customers, many of whom have probably been loyal, long-time customers. This is the other side of customer loyalty that many businesses fail to understand.

The author of the article mentioned above did not actually switch his loyalties to other service providers; he simply guaranteed that he got the same level of service and the same kinds of advantages that new customers would get. However, not all your customers will do the same.The market is still driven to give consumers more choices; your dissatisfied customers could easily switch to another brand.

This holds especially true in the case of mobile customer loyalty. With the advent of mobile, customer loyalty programs have become simpler for both brands and for consumers.For brands, it’s become simpler to implement a new program, upgrade or change the benefits and to send personalized loyalty messages to each customer. For customers, it’s become much easier to use their loyalty points and benefits, because they are now using mobile loyalty programs. Mobile customer loyalty has thus only upped the stakes in the competition for patronage.

Spend on creating a mobile customer loyalty program, by all means. It’s certainly not going to be a disadvantage. All the same, do remember that it’s very important to pay as much attention to your old customers, as to the new ones.