Why Brands Need to Take Mobile Data Security Seriously

A new survey has shown that consumers take mobile data security very seriously. It is about time that brands and mobile marketers did the same.

On this blog, we’ve written before about how important it is for brands to be transparent about their mobile marketing efforts. We’ve also written about why it is important to give customers to choice of opting-in for mobile marketing messages, instead of sending an indiscriminate barrage of mobile marketing messages their way. While both these considerations are very important for any mobile marketing campaign, it is also important to ensure mobile data security. By reassuring your customers of their mobile data security, you are not just protecting their interests, but your brand’s as well.

As one survey released earlier this year points out, 72% of mobile users harbor doubts about mobile data security.  In fact, 81% of the people surveyed said that they avoid applications that they believe don’t protect their data and their privacy. And while the percentage of adults who worry about their privacy online in 2013 has declined compared to 2012, it is still high at 89%.  The survey, conducted by TRUSTe, found that the mobile activities that cause most concern include:

  • Shopping (89%)
  • Social Networks (87%)
  • Online Banking  (86%)
  • Email (82%)
  • Mobile apps (77%)

Given the above findings, it is obviously very important for companies to take mobile data security seriously. By giving brands access to their data, customers are essentially establishing a relationship of trust that needs to be valued.  Such an establishment of trust can only be achieved once a brand has assured its customers, by word and by deed, that they take mobile data security very seriously.