Your Restaurant Needs to be on Mobile NOW!

We recently came across this study by SinglePlatform that shows the increasing consumer demand for mobile-friendly restaurants. The post puts across a very convincing argument for why restaurants need to get on mobile right now. As the results of their survey show, most consumers are on mobile, not just when they’re on the go. Whenever they have a query – such as which restaurant to dine at – they turn to their mobile devices for instant answers. Not only that, they also look at menus, reviews, comments, photos and other user-generated content before they finally arrive at a decision. Clearly, any restaurant that wants to access this extensive consumer base, needs to get onto mobile as soon as possible.  That does not just mean having a mobile-optimized website, although that is an essential first step. To fully establish a presence on mobile, restaurants also need to:
1) Respond to customer reviews, comments, and feedback with courtesy and grace. Show your manners in online forums and on blogs, and you begin to establish your reputation for good service. This is one of the most important thing that most customers are looking for.

2) Share pictures of your food and of your table settings, kitchen, staff and happy customers. In fact, encourage your customers to do so on their social networking pages, and also all them to post them directly to your Facebook page or blog. This will show you as being a restaurant that runs with the times and believes its important to engage with customers.

3) Share your menu and update it regularly. There is nothing more annoying for a consumer to find that the menu she checked on her mobile is carrying last season’s dishes or to walk into a restaurant and find that the prices have been changed. So keep your customers informed of any such changes that you make.



Mobile-friendly restaurant