3 More Mistakes No Mobile Marketer Can Afford to Make

Mobile marketing is still growing and while there isn’t a cap on the number of things that could go extremely well, neither is there a limit on the number of things that could go horribly wrong. It is important to keep looking and learning. As a mobile marketer, you need to understand the power of mobile to launch your company to fame, but you should be equally aware of the damage that it can do to your reputation. A mobile marketer’s biggest failure is the same as that of a traditional marketer: losing the audience’s attention.  With mobile, unfortunately, there are a number of ways in which this can happen. We have written before about the 7 mistakes that could kill your mobile marketing campaign. Here are three more to add to that list.

No Call-to-Action

Over at Mobile Marketing Fail, Kelly McIvor talks about GoWallet’s mobile marketing campaign, which emphasized how users of the GoWallet app will be able to access their gift cards anytime and anywhere. Unfortunately, they did not include a call-to-action that would lead to people downloading their app. There was a URL provided for the website, but opening a browser and typing in the URL takes more time and effort than most mobile users are willing to expend. That is why it would have been much simpler if GoWallet had simply used a QR code and asked people to scan it in order to download the app. This is a pretty basic mistake that could cost a brand its customers. By not including a clear call-to-action, a mobile marketer thus risks puzzling and, consequently, turning customers away.

Unresponsive QR codes

Designing a custom QR code is a good idea, if you want it to stand apart from all the other QR codes out there. It helps a certain campaign be identified as being connected with your brand. However, a responsible mobile marketer will check to see if the QR code is working before letting it out for the public to scan. This is especially so in the case of custom QR codes. If a customer is unable to scan a QR code using a standard app, then that is one customer that your brand has potentially lost.

Too much focus on selling

Yes, the whole point of setting up a mobile marketing campaign is to sell your products and services to more people. But that’s not an argument that your consumers will listen to when they unsubscribe. Most people always have their mobile devices with them and as such, mobile is a very intimate platform. Any mobile marketer, thus, has to tread a very thin line between putting a message across and invading someone’s privacy. One of the surest ways of crossing over to the latter territory is to bombard customers with marketing messages that ultimately only benefit you. So before you create a mobile marketing strategy, think about what you could offer your customers. It could be anything – a small gift, discounts, coupons and special offers. It could also be something as practical as giving them directions to the nearest store, letting them know when their favorite products are in stock and reminding them about product upgrades.


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