Mobile Optimization for Restaurants: Outback Steakhouse does it right

st about why mobile optimization is essential for restaurants. As we had pointed out then, a recent study has proved that more and more people are using their smartphoneTwo weeks ago we wrote this poones to pick restaurants. They are checking out menus, comparing prices and making on-the-go decisions. Consumer behavior has changed radically in recent years, thanks to smartphones. Naturally, restaurants have to keep up. One of the most important ways they can do this is by optimizing their mobile sites. Outback Steakhouse has done exactly that and is a good example of smart, simple use of mobile optimization.
The restaurant chain’s mobile website offers everything a mobile user would want: a locater, menu, contact details and social network integration. Besides these, it also has feature called ‘Curbside-take-away online ordering’ – perfect for consumers in a hurry.

As the aforementioned study showed, 62%  of users are less likely to choose a restaurant if they can’t read the menu on a mobile device. Outback Steakhouse has been smart about how it chooses to display its menu: instead of focusing too much on pictures (which are few, but always good), the chain has chosen to display its menu items in clear, legible font. Outback Steakhouse customers thus don’t need to pinch-and-zoom. However, there’s also the option to view the .PDF menu of the nearest outlet, thus making sure that customers have all the information required at their fingertips. All the while, the restaurant branding remains minimal, yet effective, and never overpowers the functionality of the site.

Clearly, Outback Steakhouse recognizes what makes mobile really work: instant information that is localized and relevant. Instead of weighing their mobile site down with flashy features and too many pictures, the restaurant chain has stuck to what consumers really want : useful information they can rely on.




Mobile optimization for restaurants