Mobile Technology, Women and Shopping: How Today’s Marketers Can Attract Female Shoppers

Women make up a significant proportion of shoppers and their purchase decisions can have a massive impact on brands. Here’s how marketers can use the power of mobile technology to woo female shoppers

The past few years have seen a number of studies that detail the impact of women on the economy. Among the more intriguing, and telling, statistics are those that reveal how women make purchases, and what effect these purchases have on brands and the economy. For the purpose of this post, we will be looking at numbers that give an idea of how women make their shopping decisions, what are the factors that affect these choices, and how mobile technology influences them. We will also be looking at how marketers can use this information to target their marketing messages better.

How Women Shop:

According to this post on She-conomy:

Women make more than 80% of all consumer purchase decisions
61% of women influence household consumer electronic purchases in 2007
79% would try a new product or service
80%  would solidify their brand loyalty
51% would give a brand a second chance if a product or service missed the mark the first time

How Women Shop in a Mobile Economy:

According to a new study by Swirl, when it comes to clothes and shoes, an overwhelming number of women prefer to shop in-store, rather than online.  The study was conducted to gather information on how mobile technology has affected the way women shop.

76% of the women surveyed said they preferred to shop in-store rather than online (22%), via tablet (1%) and via smartphone (1%)
The reason why a majority of women prefers shopping in-store is because they like to touch and see the products (92%), try the clothes on to see if they fit (90%) and explore and discover new styles (72%)
Most women also prefer to seek shopping advice from accompanying family and friends (37%), instead of using shopping apps and websites (21%) or asking the in-store sales associate (15%)
When it comes to sales:
31% have purchased products from flash sale sites
33% love being reminded of in-store sales by sales associates
47% almost always make a purchase when their favourite brand is offering a sale of a deal
58% will be thrilled to receive personalized offers on their smartphone while in-store
50% of women will happily share their contact information if they receive:

A $25 in-store credit (83%)
A gift with a purchase (63%)
An exclusive flash sale (59%)
A $5 in-store credit (47%)
Early access to new styles (25%)
A $1 in-store credit (20%)
Personalized style recommendations (19%)

How Marketers Can Use Mobile Technology to Attract Female Shoppers:

From the above statistics, it becomes clear how using mobile technology affects the way women shop. They also reveal how women like to receive their marketing content and how open they are to it.Based on these numbers and the power of mobile technology, marketers can formulate a clear plan for specifically attracting female shoppers. Here are some of the measures they can take:

  • The numbers above indicate that not only do women not mind receiving personalized marketing messages on their smart phone, they actually welcome them. Brands can use this to their advantage in a number of ways. For instance, by getting shoppers to scan QR codes on products they like or purchase, brands can access contact information and purchase information. They can then use the data they gather this way to send out more targeted and personalized messages.
  • Mobile coupons which can be redeemed immediately in-store are also a great way to attract women shoppers. Brands can encourage their customers to check-in using location-based services such as Foursquare or Facebook and then send coupons to those who do so.
  • Mobile technology is also a great tool for socially connecting with consumers. Brands can also encourage shoppers to come in with friends or family, and get them to upload pictures of each other shopping on a dedicated Facebook page or share on Twitter or Instagram using a relevant hashtag. People shopping in groups this way can be offered special discounts.
  • One way to use mobile coupons is to encourage shoppers to try out new products. Brands can do this by offering free trials or a dollars-off deal.