Endless Possibilities for Near Field Communication

What could be the potential of Near Field Communication in everyday life? That is a question we’ve asked repeatedly on this blog and we’re happy to declare that we think the potential for NFC’s use in day to day existence is huge. We’ve written before about how NFC can be used by businesses to market their products and services, as well as to collect customer insights and for mobile engagement. We’ve also written about how NFC can be used to promote art and culture, whether by museums or libraries. In fact, the video posted below even talks about a  new NFC-enabled system in Canada where bars can scan customers driver’s licences and check them against a government database. We think that is a fantastic and practical application of the technology, and with rumors of Apple incorporating NFC in the next iPhone, we’re sure the interest in using Near Field Communication for different purposes will only shoot up.

(Video via WSJ.com)



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