Nestle leverages QR codes to provide product information to customers

Nestle, the world’s largest food and nutrition company, became one of the flag bearers in creating superior consumer experience by using QR codes in their marketing campaign in Denmark. Transforming the traditional black and white blotchy QR codes, Nestle used designer QR codes for Hjem-IS ice creams ( one of the most popular brands of ice cream in Northern Europe)  that was launched in the European market.

Leveraging the power of QR codes Nestle created a rich in-store experience for their consumers. On scanning the code the consumer was redirected to a mobile landing page where Hjem-IS products were available for sale via mobile commerce. While the codes were being used for a marketing campaign in Denmark, anybody who intended to scan the code globally could do it; however ice creams’ being perishable products shipping was an issue for purchases outside Denmark.
Similarly, Nestlé’s Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water implemented a unique marketing program that uses mobile websites, QR codes and interactive voice response technology to attract new consumers and cultivate loyal customers.

This campaign adopted focussed on a YouTube video that changed and evolved as the number of views increased. The video was devised to use mobile technology in a fun and engaging way to encourage trails and generate sales and was targeted to a younger demographic. The USP of the campaign was the social aspect associated with it, which encouraged people to share their experience within their circle thereby increasing the outreach and viral effect of this campaign.

Nestle has also successfully implemented QR codes with another one of its FMCG product, Kit Kat. The chocolate lovers can scan the code on the product to gain information about the nutrition quality of Kit Kat bars and how it can fit into their lifestyle. Nestle leveraged the technology to provide their consumers with a unique experience to generate brand loyalty and consumer retention.

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