5 Ways in Which NFC Can Enhance Customer Experience

When a customer walks into your store, you want to make sure that they get the best experience possible. You might stock the best quality and the latest products, but the fact remains that a customer’s decision to shop at a particular store is most often based on how good and convenient their experience is. Ideally, a business owner would want customers to be greeted warmly by a helpful staff. Many customers also need help with picking out the right kind of products, and then checking out their selections. In all these matters of customer experience, near field communication – also known as NFC – can help.
1) NFC Hang Tags: By tagging products with NFC labels and hang tags and enabling customers to access product information and reviews,  brands can help speed up the decision-making process for customers. These tags could provide information as varied as manufacturing/production details, care instructions, recommendations, reviews and product history, and these could be in text, audio or video form.

2) Express payment and check out: Nobody likes waiting in  seemingly endless check-out queues. It would be great if customers could use their smartphones to select their products, and check them out with ease. Of course, such a system should ideally be combined with an NFC payment option, so that there are no hold-ups.

3) Product selection: Seattle-based fashion retailer, Hointer did a great job with using NFC to help customers pick products. In fact, once selected, the garments would drop through a chute into a changing room where the customer could then go to try them on. If other fashion retailers and brands could do something similar – where customers could pick the right size and color instead of waiting for shop assistants – it would make the whole shopping experience a lot more friction-free.

4) Shop anywhere:  Not everyone likes to go to retail outlets and spend time in making purchase decisions. Wouldn’t it be great if your customers could shop while they are on-the-go and have their purchases delivered to them? Grocery chains especially could put up NFC-enabled posters inside buses and in bus and subway stations, which would allow customers to shop from these locations while they are on their daily commute.

5) Communication and feedback: NFC posters  can also be used by brands and retail outlets to allow customers to send feedback, lodge complaints and make service requests. It is less time-consuming for customers if all they need to do is tap and send, instead of filling out long forms or staying on hold over the phone.

NFC customer experience

Picture courtesy Rita Juliana