6 Reasons Why NFC is Good for Your Business

Picture this: Your customer walks into a store, picks up one of your products, taps his mobile phone against the hang tag and immediately, shares details of his purchase with you. It would be great if connecting with your customers and getting them to communicate with you was so easy. And fortunately, it actually is that easy. The answer lies in three simple word: Near Field Communication, better known by its abbreviation, NFC.

It’s easy to use and implement

Whenever there’s anything written about NFC, it’s usually to do with how it can streamline mobile payments. However, there’s more to it than that. Near Field Communication allows smartphones and other devices to communicate using radio signals when they are in close range of each other. The range of contact is usually small, one to two centimeters, so there’s little chance of accidental contact. Besides, the NFC chip is small and unpowered, coming to life only when an NFC device is nearby. All these conditions make it ideal for incorporating into hang tags that you could then use on your products.

You can share your products’ stories

Burberry recently launched interactive clothing, with a feature similar to NFC which, when scanned by customers, tells them the lifecycle of the garment. This is a wonderful way in which to share information, especially when it uses videos or Augmented Reality (most readers will not be familiar with Augmented Reality; either you explain what that means or remove it altogether). If your products are entirely organic or locally sourced, show them videos that prove that fact. They will be impressed.

Your customers can take direct action

It would be so much more convenient for everyone if your customers could just tap their phones against a NFC tag and register their products, or place an order for them. The Burberry interactive clothing we mentioned above allows buyers to pre-order from the collection.

You can implement customer loyalty programs

Customer loyalty and how to earn it is something we’ve frequently discussed on this blog, and for very good reason. Being able to ensure loyalty is a essential survival skill for any brand, and for most consumer product brands, it’s very difficult to achieve. Brands have traditionally found it difficult to connect directly with their customers and have had to rely on retailers for this. By using NFC chips in your product hang tags, you can communicate directly. When your customers use their NFC enabled phones on your tags, you can send them promotional offers, discounts and deals, without having to rely on the retailers.

You can get instant information

Most people hate filling out forms and will usually avoid them. So wouldn’t it be great if you could get information about your customers’ buying habits without getting them to do much work? With NFC hang tags, all your customers have to do is tap and information about their purchase can immediately be collected. They could register their products/product warranties with you and you could get the details of the product that they just purchased.

You can share your cause

Do you believe in a particular cause that you would like to share with your customers? Why not share that with them through NFC tags and make it possible for them to even contribute a little towards it? Of course, you need to let them know exactly what they’ll be getting into when they tap against the tag, so be sure to have a clear Call-to-Action.



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